Description of Whale Watching

Whale watching in Sri Lanka is a great activity. Most people would love to see blue whales. Whale watching has become one of the best things to do in the south and you will find a number of operators around this area proposing trips to the Indian Ocean for dolphins, whales, and turtles spotting. The best time to visit is from December to March. Whale watching spot comes at the top amongst the foremost attractions in Mirissa.


The south end of Sri Lanka is the easiest place to see blue whales in a short period of time.Sperm whales, blue whales, southern whales, wood whales, whales are found all year round in Mirissa and Weligama. There are about 26 species of whales in Sri Lanka at the time of collection.

With the whale watching season in Mirissa being in full swing and many local and foreign tourists assembly to the Mirissa harbor, The Sri Lanka Coast Guards had enlarged their vigilance in monitoring the enactment of Sea Mammals Observation, Regulation and Control Regulations.

To ensure that the Regulations are followed to by boat operators and tourists engaged in whale watching. The coast guards also make sure that the boat operators; crew and the tourists abide the safety protections and principles before and during their tour of reflection.